1. Background

Believ Exchange is the crypto asset service station of Bixin Wallet, inheriting the risk control system of Bixin Wallet, aggregating high-quality digital assets and integrating the world's top technology. BelievEx spares no effort to ensure the security of users’ information and assets, and provides stable and efficient crypto asset transactions for users around the world, which helps thousands of users realize asset appreciation.


2. Service

BelievEx adopts the "Unified Account System", which allows users to directly use multiple currencies in one account to conduct the trading of various derivatives such as Spot, ETP, and USDT Perpetual at the same time, realizing "Trading on the go with Safe and Easy-to-use Wallet"!


Spot trading refers to the exchange of one asset for another asset, such as "Buy BTC with USDT" or "Sell BTC to get USDT". After the exchange is completed, the value of the assets held by users will change with the market price, resulting in profit or loss.


Believ Exchange now supports the spot trading of BTC, ETH, DOGE, STC and other assets.


ETP (Exchange Traded Products, also called leveraged tokens) can give up to 3x leverage without much risk of liquidation. Each ETP owns a position in futures. The price of the token will tend to track the price of the underlying positions it holds.


ETP do better than a margin position when markets have momentum (move up a lot and then up a lot more). However they do worse than a margin position when markets mean-revert (move up a lot and then back down a lot).


BelievEx now supports ETP trading of more than 40 assets on popular tracks such as DeFi, NFT, and Polkadot.


USDT Perpetual can be used to hedge against price changes of cryptocurrencies. Users can gain significant exposure to a specific cryptocurrency with only a fraction of its total cost. With leverage, users can magnify small price movements to create profits.


BelievEx now supports USDT Perpetual trading of BTC and ETH. Based on the unified account, users can use BTC, USDT, ETH, EOS and UNI as account margin, realizing "making funds more efficient and making operation easier"!


In the future, BelievEx will continue to list high-quality assets, add investment tools and wealth management products such as auto-investment and strategic trading. Looking forward to creating an innovative cryptocurrency world with us!